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Saturday, 14 March 2015

Thank you for Visiting Our Website

Thank you for visiting our websiteIt is under construction.

Chaitanyam Consultants  is being initiated by Vijay Chaitanyam, 
with the sole objective to be the Best Advisory in the Industry Verticals 
we choose to market.  
Vijay Chaitanyam (Founder-Chaitanyam Consultants)  is a rigorous work ethic 
has over two decades of working experience.
Vijay Chaitanyam believes  “Entrepreneurship is like a marathon race - 
not a 100 meter Race at all”.  
Achieve a happy work / life balance, so that one can continue running 
-----To be the best-------and To do the best. 
With the same belief & spirit, he started Chaitanyam Consultants-with a tag line 
New Opportunities, We Partner to Market" -  he has core competence in providing 
Insurance Services and Market Strategies.
At present we are based in Hyderabad in the state of Telangana - India and 
operating only in close niche market of Hyderabad.
Vijay Chaitanyam is a Certified Insurance Advisor For Tata AIG GIC Co.Ltd., 
and Tata AIA LIC. Ltd.,  (Composite IRDA Licence No.– 8963248)  
Tata AIA Life Insurance
v Endowment Plans
v Money Back Plans
v Whole Life Plans
v Health Plans
v Children Plans
Tata AIG General Insurance –
v Health Insurance
v Home Insurance,
v Accident Insurance,
v Travel Insurance,
v Fire & Property Insurance,
v Liability Insurance and Marine Insurance.  
In case you have any insurance requirement 
would like to know on any Insurance products
you have an enquiry for Life Insurance Products
you have an enquiry for Non Life Insurance products 
of any of the Insurance Products mentioned above.   
Do give a call to   99890 18181   /   9246559095 
you may send  a mail to us
Our Email –   
We are Single point of Contact-12/7 - from 9am to 9pm – 
Weekdays – MON to SAT (When you need us we are with you.)
for latest updates on Insurance  
 It shall  be always  our endeavour to give you a satisfactory response.     
 We always look forward to your continued patronage and to your valuable support.
 Let the day you visit our website and took time in your busy schedule 
to read our profile - be the Happiest Day. The Best Day Ever.
  Vijay Chaitanyam        
 Yours Insurance Consultant
 Only Indians Excel In Human Excellence - Be an Indian


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